Look Up In the Sky

You see all those balloons in the photo? That’s about how many job searches I’m working on at this time, while at the same time searching for candidates to fill those roles. Next week I expect the number of those balloons to grow.

Many candidates think because I haven’t posted a job today or even this week, there are no net new opportunities. In fact, I/we don’t post all our available jobs, because it would take much of our day and we’d get little else accomplished.

At the same time, because my database is closing in on 6k software sales and senior management contacts, I’m not aware you’re looking unless you reach out.

As is often the case with my posts, they link back to something that’s happened this week and/or a conversation. In this specific case, an individual contacted me saying they hadn’t seen me post a job fitting their skills and background.

In fact, I was searching for an individual with their precise skills and background, though didn’t reach out, because 10 weeks ago they’d conveyed they were content and not interested.

In the meantime, there were two opportunities fitting this individuals profile. In subsequent weeks since we’d spoken, two other ResourceWise candidates were hired to fill those roles.

This week I’d received a call from “I’m content…take a hike” asking if the job was still available or if there was something else available. ┬áNow, this individual is facing an uncertain future as their company isn’t going to meet projected sales targets by a mile and peers are being terminated seemingly on a daily basis.

The thing is, two of this individual’s co-workers had seen the writing on the wall months ago and reached out to me. They left prior to the proverbial bullets being fired and filled those open roles mentioned above.

Lastly, we all know circumstances in the software industry can change rapidly with mergers, acquisitions, change in management, one bad sales quarter, and the list goes on. Far to often candidates become complacent and too comfortable for their own good…bordering on cocky.