Monday Morning Forecast Calls… Feel Like This?

Do you dread those calls and/or meetings? You’re not alone!

As a former Enterprise Software Sales Executive for over 17 years, I’ve been there. Of course, not everywhere I’d worked was like this nor is it for some I speak with, though for many this is what they’re currently experiencing.

Deals slipping to next quarter? Unattainable goals? Product doesn’t do what was claimed? Manager calling or texting at all hours of the day or night? Marketing and Sales not on the same page? Marketing and Development not on the same page? Possibly no one is on the same page!

Those are just a few of the scenarios I’ve lived through over the years and a version of what I hear everyday from…well…pretty much everyone who calls me seeking a way out, from BDR’s to SVP’s.

First, this isn’t any way to live a long and productive life dealing with unreasonable people or expectations. It’s unhealthy, affects relationships with those around you, and doesn’t have to be this way.

This creates an opportunity (really it does…even though it doesn’t feel like it in the midst of the storm) to self-determine your own future.

When you close your eyes and daydream a bit, what do you want from life? What do you want in an employer? What can you offer an employer and what makes you get up to work each day? What’s a good cultural fit for you? Does work/life balance matter to you and to what degree?

At times it may feel like you have no control over your career, though you do. However, (you knew there would be a “however”) this process includes some soul searching and that can be somewhat painful, though it’s necessary for personal growth.

I’m writing this today as we all head into the weekend, in hopes of encouraging those who can relate to what I’ve written above. Use this time to take inventory of what’s important to you and initiate a plan moving forward.

Wishing you all the best.