We Know What Keeps You Awake At Night

We know first-hand the challenges you face hiring software sales personnel. We can offer you benefits beyond the traditional recruitment searches, making use of our finely-honed experience and perspective.


It's so important to hire top revenue producers. Right now - just in the U.S. - software sales account for over a quarter-trillion dollars in GDP. The opportunity for your company to garner exceptional revenues is incredible – and the competition is fierce.

How Do We Make Your Job Easier?

We use our degrees in Industrial Psychology and our experience in front-line consulting to help you create your high performance team.

We listen to you. Before we ever look for a candidate, we determine the particular needs and environment of your company. We use this intimate understanding of your goals to laser-focus our search for the ideal job-seeker.

We are selective.  We present only exceptional software sales talent for your consideration.

Our Process

Hiring Managers Process
Hiring Managers Process

Staffing Services

ResourceWise has been retained by software businesses to locate specialized sales leadership and management talent for positions including:

  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President Sales Enablement
  • Regional Sales Vice President
  • Vice President Sales Engineering
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Vice President of Customer Experience/Success
  • Director of Business Development
  • Sales Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Enterprise Sales Executive

What Our Clients Say

John B.

Vice President of Worldwide Sales

I had the pleasure of working with Melanie on a number of searches. She is different than other recruiters – her experience in enterprise software sales definitely shows with her work ethic and ability to deeply understand the technology of her client company.

She definitely listened to what we were asking for in candidates – understood the profile, and brought us incredible talent we eventually hired.

In an industry as competitive as recruiting, a huge differentiator is she’s so different, personable, and easy to work with throughout the process and is able to attract truly top talent across the country because she has a strong network and relatability.

I would highly recommend Melanie for your enterprise software sales needs!

Tony J.

Regional Director

Melanie is the top recruiter I’ve ever worked with, from either side of the hiring equation. Her relevant background and experience in software sales and leadership gives her the perfect understanding of how to place the right candidates in the right roles.
She has a genuine interest in connecting A+ companies with A+ people and does a great job of balancing the needs of both sides to create winning outcomes for all parties involved.
I will be recommending and hiring Melanie, without hesitation, in the future.

Matt M.

Regional Director

Melanie is an elite talent in the recruiting world. She has a broad network of top talent, access to the most exciting and fastest growing companies, and enterprise sales experience to expertly identify fit.
I respect Melanie’s diligence and trust her guidance. She understands businesses, market potential and leadership, and her direct communication style is refreshing.
Highly recommend Melanie and look forward to working with her in the future.

Mark B.

Senior Director of Marketing

Melanie was absolutely a pleasure to work with. She is a true professional and a fantastic communicator. I highly recommend Melanie for all of your recruitment needs whether you are a job seeker or employer seeking to fill a role. A++

Ross A.

Regional Director

In the massive world of recruiters out there on LinkedIn, Melanie is top of the class. Her sales background immediately shows, as she balances just the right amount of persistence with an in depth knowledge of her client and the prospective candidate. Her no-nonsense attitude commands immediate respect. For her clients, she gets results. For her candidates, she is a trusted advisor. Bottom line: if she calls, pick up the phone.

Omer B.

Director of Sales Development

My experience with Melanie was outstanding. I was looking for work in San Francisco and she contacted me based on my LinkedIn profile. Our first interaction was fantastic. She took the time to get to know all about me professionally and personally. She has the attitude that failure is not an option and she will make any stride to ensure success. Her ability to build and maintain relationships with a healthy balance of professionalism and personalism with clients and consultants alike is what draws her apart from the rest.

Tricia C.

Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Melanie is one of the best recruiters I have had the opportunity to work with. I connected with Melanie on LinkedIn after realizing we had a mutual connection. This came at a perfect time as I was under a lot of pressure to fill a critical role on the Sales team for one of our business units and we were having difficulty finding the right fit, paired with some unsuccessful attempts with a few agencies. After my initial discussion with Melanie I immediately felt a sense of comfort as it was apparent she understood the software industry supported by her many years of experience in enterprise software sales. Although she did not have specific knowledge of our industry/product lines, she was up for the challenge and within days of our conversation she had qualified candidates for the team to meet. I am pleased to say that we hired one of the candidates and he has been a great addition to the team. Melanie is very dedicated to the projects she takes on and it shows. She was so easy to work with and her constant communication with me and the candidate helped to make this a win for all. I look forward to working with Melanie on future recruiting needs that arise within the organization.

Matt M.

SVP Global Sales

Melanie makes things happen. In helping me build out an enterprise sales team, Melanie demonstrated an up-front interest to truly learn about the success factors for the position and then went and found a high quality pool of enterprise sales rep and manager candidates that met that profile. Additionally, she was diligent in not just working her network but researching candidates that fit the criteria and selling them on why they should talk to me. I found her to be a great partner and would certainly work with her again.

Mike T.

Chief Operating Officer

We needed to ramp up our sales team quickly and Melanie got it done. Coming from a sales background herself, she understood exactly what we were looking for in new sales hires — not only their work experience and skill set, but their inter-personal fit with our organization. The candidates Melanie presented were consistently spot-on, and she had always done her homework on what it would take to get them closed. We had a very high close rate both from interview-to-offer and offer-to-hire, enabling us to on-board multiple new reps in a short window. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Greg H.

Vice President of Sales

Melanie and I first worked together as peers in sales over 10 years ago. Her tenacious customer focus and mental toughness, combined with business acumen and technical expertise led her to become a top performer in the company – despite a very difficult business climate.

Today, her same attitude, focus and relentless ability to get stuff done made for an easy decision to work together again. Having a proven history of sales success is an incredible asset when sourcing your next sales superstar. I highly recommend hiring managers seeking true sales talent work with Melanie.

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