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We know how we like to be treated by recruiters and hiring managers. We’ve been through the recruiting process ourselves, as well as having worked as Enterprise Sales Executives and hiring managers. With experience on both sides of the table, and our broad industry knowledge, we are uniquely placed to promote your career as a skilled software professional.

We work diligently to locate a positive work environment where you can thrive and grow.

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Job Seekers Process

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Adam P.

Enterprise Account Executive

Melanie completely changed my perception of third party recruiters. She is not out to place people by volume but instead spends the time to learn about them and build a relationship. She is extremely well connected in the tech space and looks to place people where they will thrive and can build on their career. She was previously in sales so she has a deep understanding of the companies she works with, their offerings and the sales culture they cultivate. Somehow within her busy schedule she finds a way to be extremely responsive and thoughtful in her communication.

Zachary S.

Enterprise Account Executive

Astute, knowledgeable and accountable, Melanie is a blue-chip recruiter and an absolute pleasure to work with. She listens intently and provides constructive feedback. Drawing from her own experience as a sales executive and as a sales leader, Melanie understands how the machine works and how to get the right pieces in place to make it hum. Values time and will always shoots straight. I was impressed by her thoroughness at the pace things moved at. Very pleased with my resulting placement and everything Melanie did to orchestrate that.

Tom R.

Enterprise Sales Executive

Recruiting in the SaaS sales space is what Melanie does best, and her expertise was an incredible resource during my recent job hunt. Melanie found a great opportunity that aligned well with my experience, secured an in-person interview with the hiring manager, provided coaching before each step of the interview process, and ultimately ended up securing a fantastic offer letter from a Silicon Valley startup. If you’re considering a change, I’d definitely recommend chatting with Melanie as a first step.

Jeff M.

Senior Field Sales Engineer

Melanie reached out to me regarding a position in a totally new space that I was not familiar with, but is/will be a totally exciting part of my ongoing career. Being shepherded thru the process with kid gloves is not common with recruiters, and I couldn’t be more impressed with her aptitude and attention. Good on you Melanie!

Michael S.

Western Regional Enterprise Sales Director

Melanie is the best Recruiter I’ve ever worked with, period!

She knows the Software Industry inside and out because she’s worked in Enterprise Sales herself for 17 years prior to starting her own Recruiting and Consulting firm. Her background made it very easy for us to understand one another as she took the time to understand what was truly important to me.

During our first call, she made me feel very comfortable and I knew that she was a different type of Recruiter and would work hard to satisfy my best interests.

Lastly, she had direct contact with the VP of Sales and the CEO of target companies. This streamlined the process and Melanie was in constant contact with me each step of the way throughout the interview and offer process and ultimately getting hired for an Enterprise Sales Director role based in Southern California.

I would highly recommend Melanie to everyone I know and anyone reading this endorsement!

Allison G.

Enterprise Account Executive

Melanie is the epitome of everything one could want in an executive recruiter. Simply put, she is exceptional at what she does. As a former recruiter myself, I have incredibly high standards when it comes to trusting another person with my career, submitting me to hiring managers and relaying my skill set appropriately. Melanie exceeded my expectations which is near impossible to do! In my situation, once we had a thorough discussion on skill set/pay/aspirations etc., I was submitted, interviewed and hired within 3 weeks- starting the week of Christmas; she’s THAT good.

She knows her candidates well and she knows her clients even better; she therefore makes perfect matches. Melanie is the only recruiter I’ve found to be trustworthy and thorough which squashes the “wasting my time” complaints all together. She also provides ample interview preparation and sets clear expectations which I find rare in this field. If I’m looking to make a career change, she will be the first person I talk to.

Bryan N.

Director of Sales

From the time Melanie initially contacted me, through the entire interview process, which included arranging calls and helping with travel arrangements, Melanie was there for me. She’s the most engaged recruiter I’ve ever worked with and helped me find a great job. Anyone would be lucky to have Melanie on their side because you are going to get 110% of her effort. Thanks for everything, Melanie!

Harry B.

Sales Executive

From the moment I started working with Melanie I knew she was different than most recruiters. She took the time to learn about myself both professionally and personally. She is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with and Highly recommend her!

Larry S.

Senior Director of Sales Engineering

Wow!!! Say what you might about recruiters and head hunters being the ambulance chasers for employment. I will happily say you have not had the privilege of working with Melanie Wise and her company. Melanie reached out to me regarding a roll with a series A start up. She was well informed of what the roll was, the history of the company, and had detailed knowledge of the types of people I would be speaking to. After a few minutes of talking to her I was ready to take the journey of interviewing for the roll of Director of Sales Engineering. Melanie made the entire process so easy to manage for me. From start to finish she was a constant in the process. She provided amazing feedback and prepped me for the coming rounds of interviews. I am now happily employed by the company she introduced me to. This new roll has energized me in a way that I missed and I owe it all to her. If Melanie comes calling for you it’s a Wise move to listen!!!

Carla D.

Sr Enterprise Account Executive

In a time where we are constantly accosted by recruiters, Melanie was and is the differentiator. I was contacted by her for a placement with a specific client/company and although I chose to go a different route than of that specific offer, she knew of a better opportunity with a better fit for me … she took the time to know me, not just my skill set and experience, but know of the right specific fit for me and having a sales background herself – made it easier for her to sympathize with my needs and desires and place me in front of the right company with the right information and background research to help me decide to make my move. Thanks for humanizing an experience that often times can be very sterile, automated and robotic. I’m grateful for her professionalism, her ability to work effortlessly and for her willingness to align herself with top producers and top companies.

Dustin F.

Account Executive

Melanie was a fantastic resource during my last job search. She made the process simple, and was extremely organized and helpful. She listened to my requests and aspirations, and helped place me in the perfect opportunity. I would highly recommend utilizing her skills and expertise in your future searches.

Nathan C.

Senior Enterprise Account Executive

Detail oriented, intimately understands sales/salesperson archetypes, and extremely responsive. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the role, company, compensation are a fit as well. Melanie is one of the top recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with.

John S.

Enterprise Account Executive

Melanie is a very professional, connected, hard working recruiter who always has the best interest of both of her clients; the company for which she is recruiting and the sales applicant. She takes the time and interest to very thoroughly evaluate not just your skills/background but to learn about you as a person, what motivates you, and that makes for ultimate long term placements and excellent career choices for the sales applicant!

Sandra T.

Enterprise Account Executive

Melanie is the best recruiter I have ever worked with: she’s straightforward and results-driven, while also being warm and personable. She takes the time and care to match people and opportunities resulting in a thoughtful, hands-on guidance to both parties through the process. I would strongly recommend her, and will definitely reach out to her if ever looking for opportunities in the space again.

Jennifer L.

Director of Enterprise Sales

What a pleasure it has been working with and getting to know Melanie! She is top notch – inquisitive, ambitious, authentic, has integrity, incredible follow through, and knows both her clients (companies) and candidates well to determine where a fit truly exists. I have been nothing but impressed but Melanie both professionally and personally and would recommend her to anyone looking to fill an open req. or in search of the next step in their career!

Jim B.

Enterprise Sales Executive

I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie as both a Manager and as an individual contributor candidate. She is extraordinary in both her methods and results. She is also someone that you can’t help but like and enjoy working with! Specifics:

1) She truly listens to what hiring managers and candidates have to say and communicates her resulting insights. She is direct and refreshingly candid.
2) She has consistent follow-through at every step and does not keep hiring managers or candidates out of the loop.
3) She takes a consultative approach with candidates and hiring managers by understanding and mapping their needs, never a shot-gun approach.
4) She has an extraordinary work ethic, professionalism, and sense of humor.

Bradley B.

Enterprise Sales

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie in the past. Her responsiveness, dedication and knowledge puts her at the top of her industry. I felt very at ease and now consider her not just a trusted recruitment resource, but also a friend.

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