Melanie Wise

Melanie Wise


Melanie Wise began her working life in finance. With a fresh degree in accounting from Bentley University, she accepted a position with Siemens Medical Systems. After 10 years she made the move from a large manufacturing company to a smaller more nimble software company. Soon after starting at the new company, Melanie was approached by the VP of sales.

“What are you doing in finance? You should be in sales. Come work for me.”

She did. This launched a successful 17-year career as a Software Enterprise Sales Executive, including positions on both the East and West Coasts.

With a successful track record in sales and a growing family, it was time for a new challenge. Melanie reinvented her career, combining her ten years in finance with her 17 years in software sales, to launch a recruiting and consulting firm in Seattle: ResourceWise Consulting, Inc.

Her experience in finance and enterprise sales informs how she relates to both hiring managers and candidates. She works to ensure that both employee and employer are a good cultural fit. ResourceWise was founded with a mission to match high performing sales talent within highly productive software sales organizations.

Melanie lives with her family in the greater Seattle area and enjoys gardening, cooking and photography.