Steve Wise


Steve Wise started his first business, BodyWise, Inc., on a shoestring at the age of 21 while working his way through the University of San Francisco toward a B.S. in Industrial Psychology. BodyWise was a model no one in the fitness industry had ever attempted before – one of the first to offer personal fitness to high-level business executives in California for annual rates paid in advance. Steve was already familiar with this industry, having designed corporate gym/wellness facilities for some of the largest companies in California.

Steve and BodyWise went on to open multiple gym locations, introducing other innovations in the design and staffing of fitness facilities within large corporations.

Drawing on this background, Steve worked as a consultant in business operations, management, organizational development, and smart growth. His education and experience provided deep insight into the perspective of owners, managers and employees. With a firm grasp on what it takes to create a healthy work environment and how to develop a vibrant corporate culture, Steve built a successful consulting career before moving on to software sales.

During his software sales career, Steve closed over $15 million in sales and was the top sales executive and employee of the year while helping one early software start-up through a one billion-dollar acquisition.

Currently, Steve is Co-Founder and President of ResourceWise Consulting.

Other accomplishments include:

  • Producer of American Winter, an HBO Documentary
  • VC/Angel investor for tech hardware and software start-ups

Steve is an inspirational and aspirational thought leader in the staffing and consulting industry with a deep knowledge of technology and smart growth management strategies.

He is interested in a wide variety of causes, including – but not limited to – animal welfare, arts and culture, humanitarian and disaster relief, and economic empowerment. He lives with his family in the greater Seattle area.