Hiring Season Has Arrived!


Every year there is a surge in software sales hiring and this year in particular is very strong. New opportunities abound, though you shouldn’t simply jump at the first offer. It’s important to consider all aspects of any new role and whether a move would be right for you. Of course, all of this is based on individual circumstances.

Here at ResourceWise Consulting we ask candidates about their current roles and how they’d rate their overall level of job satisfaction on a scale of 1-10, based roughly on the bubble graphic below. If the answer is eight or above, oftentimes we recommend they stay put, unless there’s something they haven’t told us.


If you’re still interested in pursuing a new role, we help you clearly define what your ideal job is or close to ideal role/responsibilities are and whether that’s attainable staying with your current employer. Again, if the answer is “yes”, then we generally recommend you stay put unless something changes.

However, if we have an opportunity that can significantly change your circumstances in higher base salary, upgraded title/role, a higher OTE (On Target Earnings), or a chance to be mentored by an excellent sales leader, then we continue the conversation and possibly present to the hiring executive. In most cases, this results in a phone call or face-to-face interview with the VP of Sales.

Zen stones in water

All of our contracts are as the exclusive recruiting and consulting firm representing our client companies. On a daily basis we’re working directly with CRO’s and VP’s of Sales throughout the country. We work very hard to schedule interviews within a timely manner, along with interview feedback within 24 hours. Oftentimes, depending on the scope of the role and a candidates background, we present individuals into multiple opportunities.

Lastly, the key takeaway here other than me plugging our business ;), is to recommend you make very informed and mindful career choices no matter your level within an organization. Whats truly right for you?

Melanie Wise, CEO
[email protected]